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Remembering Our Divinity

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Using the power of unconditional love for healing!

Heart Centered Living is a family run initiative created to encourage individuals and society to live from the heart. We use seven universal principles, including Love, Truth and Unity to explain the philosophy of Heart Centered Living. We combine these principles with experiential techniques for connecting to higher consciousness, specifically using Nature as Medicine to find spiritual union and have a direct experience with our higher divinity. 

ALL of creation viewed from a unified and symbiotic perspective is a single organism made up of cells, which ultimately supports the whole. Meaning ALL life has only the illusion of individuality - we are actually different expressions (or cells) of one unified body of universal creation. In Re-Membering this truth and our divinity, we return to a place of Heart Centered Living and individual and collective symbiotic freedom. Understanding we are all one, we can have loving compassion for ALL life as an extension of who we are. 

We are Luke, Bhavinie and Baby Rose Magdalene!

In 2020 we freebirthed our beautiful daughter Rose at home in our bathtub in Glastonbury, and she has become one of our biggest teachers in the process. We are advocates for conscious parenting and restoring the sacredness of birth! We also believe in the power of initiation and using the sacred medicines of the land to connect to a higher force, paving the way to live a fully embodied life as a culture of health. We share our passion for individual and collective health and spirituality, creating events, retreats and community gatherings to harness this energy from our family to the larger human family. Heart Centered Living has become an extension of this passion!   

Bhavinie Peace

Wild and Free Divine Mother, Bhavinie follows her Truth fiercely, knowing that through the power of Self-Love all is possible.
After a life changing out-of-body experience in 2018 she left her corporate legal career, took a one-way ticket to India and took a leap of faith surrendering into her True self. She deepened her knowledge of Reiki, Sound Healing, Yoga and Meditation, and found Plant Medicines.
Working with Cacao and the Ancient Song of her Womb, she uses Medicinal Movement and Sound to deepen our connection to Emotion, Sensuality and Re-birth Spirit Within.
Free-birthing her baby and embodying Motherhood has been her biggest initiation. Ever-learning and growing, finding Presence, Peace and Joy through the Unconditional Love of her daughter, and herself.

Luke Miller

Luke Miller has been working ceremonially with plants since 2014. After a 13 month soul initiation working with Ayahuasca in the Amazonian jungle, he travelled to India to integrate the experience and learn Yoga and Pranayama techniques - eventually landing in the UK and being initiated into a form of Kemetic (Egyptian) yoga called Smai Tawi (which means union of the lands). Luke has recently completed a 30 day diet with the Yawanawa tribe in the Amazonian forest in Brazil, learning traditional songs and working with Uni (Ayahuasca) and Hape. Luke now combines this life experience alongside intuitive sound healing to create ceremonial events of cross cultural healing modalities. A unique transcendental experience merging plants, movement and sound healing.

Work with us!


We open our family space for small intimate gatherings. These can be arranged on demand, and are very popular! We open up with a call to understand your intentions you would like to manifest, and then tailor the ceremonies and music to your personal needs. Currently we offer 1-30 day experiences, take a look at the link below to find out more.

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Join us in ceremony and celebration! We connect to universal power of love using the magic of plants, spirituality and sound. Ceremonies include Sacred Tobacco (Hapê), Cacao and Gong baths. Our events are infused with live music, and we often we invite special guests to sing and share alongside us. We add new events frequently, so follow the link to see what is coming up soon.


Retreats are for those who want an extended unplug from the distractions of the middle world, to merge with the mysteries. Our retreats are a deeper dive into the sacred medicines, sound healing and higher consciousness. We have single day retreats, and multi day retreats, shared from beautiful locations across the country! Take a look and see if anything floats your boat!  

"Epic event... a love sandwich filled with magic, bliss, release, opening, closing, sensuality, light, dark... still processing, feeling amazing and filled with gratitude. Thank you B&L and all the beautiful folk who shared their energy🙏🏽❤🦋

Linda Smith

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