CACAO - a beautiful heart opening medicine growing in the Amazon basin used by the native tribes for many generations. We are deeply connected with Sacred Cacao and from our experience she connects us to our emotions, which have been repressed, or conditioned to not be expressed -  ‘don’t cry’ ‘be strong’ ‘pull yourself together’.

When we meet the medicine of cacao with intention, to allow our hearts to open - our emotional body responds and the gateway opens to access feelings that were always meant to be felt. 

Cacao brings joy, stimulus and within holds anandamide - the bliss molecule! She can bring you to into a state of childlike heart open play and joy - and pure expression! She may take you deep where the parts of you that have laid dormant will find their voice. Paired with Dance this medicine can open your body to be a vessel of your souls expression!

Also a great substitute for coffee (try cacao instead of coffee for 21 days). She brings you energy and life - known as the food of the gods to the now lands of South America.

If you would like to experiment with cacao as a medicine, and experience it’s magic, we have received some from local families in Guatemala. Our Cacao is organic and ceremonial grade. We suggest using 42g for a ceremonial dose, though for every day use feel into your own sensitivity to the medicine.

We will send a note with directions of how to prepare your cacao with love, prayer and intention 


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I am drinking ceremonial cacao whenever my soul is calling for it, and when i need to ask for advice, guidance and connect with my heart. I do really trust mama cacao, she is always there for me.—