Hape - Yawanawa Tsunu


Hapé is a cleansing powdered blend of sacred Mapacho tobacco from the Amazonian jungle, mixed with various plants and herbs depending on the tribe that creates it.

Sacred tobacco is used for the purposes of prayer, and also helps with purification, and cleansing of our physical and energetic body. 

Hapé is traditionally served through a pipe called a Tepi, or self served through a kuripe, usually made from wood or animal bone, and ceremonially blown through each nostril.

Hapé has a variety of cleansing benefits from the physical cleansing of the sinuses and impurities in the body, to the spiritual cleansing of our energetic field. It can purify our mind’s eye that can become blocked to our inner vision. A shamanic understanding of disease is that all sickness is spiritual sickness, and if we can heal the spiritual root of dis-ease, its physical manifestation will also heal. 

This Hapé blend is made from Tsunu and Mapacho tobacco made by Sharma a member of the Yawanawa tribe, who I was privileged enough to spend time with during a recent trip to Brazil during a diet with the tribe. The medicine is made in the traditional way in the jungle, and blessed with sacred prayer away from all noise and distraction. 

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5 grams - £20

10 grams - £30

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Wow. New to hape - great to have the intimacy of this ceremony held by two lovely, open-hearted and trustworthy people. Felt super safe and connected. Big thanks.

Participant from one of our Hapé ceremonies