Understanding the Process of Birth, Life and Death

Is the universe in the process of expanding life or deteriorating death?

Everything in the 3 dimensional universe is governed by fixed laws. Duality is one of these laws, which states that everything is dual in nature. Meaning, there can be no hot without cold or long without short. It states that everything ceases to be without its counterpart. 

A clear example of this is matter and space, there is no such thing as either empty space or pure matter, both need the comparison to be brought to life. 

Another universal law includes that of vibration, stating that everything from dense to etheric is just an expression of vibration in varying degree. A third example would be seen in attraction, which includes magnetism, gravity and even love. 

Birth, Life and Death

The fixed law that will make up the meat of this article is the trinity of- Birth, life and death. This is seen in the most obvious expression through the birth of a human being. Followed by rapid growth in the infant years, which then starts to slow down until we enter the period of decline or death. Human life is also broken up into metaphorical births, lifes and deaths through the duration of one’s life, meaning every project started or life path followed begins a new process of birth, life and death. 

Cause and effect is another fundamental law, although it actually has a middle ground of action. This trinity mimics the birth, life, death process. The cause is an idea or a creator. The action is the motion of this idea or the creating. The effect is the result or the created, this mimics death as once fully matured an object starts the process of decomposition. 


This trinity is also seen in religion with the Father (creator), the Son (created) and the Holy Ghost (creating). Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver) and Shiva (destroyer). Further to this there is the concept of rebirth, which varies over different religions and spiritual beliefs. A simplified outline of this is we are born, we play out our lives and then we leave this body and move to another. This is often incorporated with the concept of Karma. Karma is cause and effect, meaning all that we do (cause) lays the way for our future (effect). When we are reborn, we carry all the Karma of one life into the next. 

The Universe is Still Expanding   

The most agreed upon scientific hypothesis of material creation is that of the big bang. In its simplest form, this states that a singularity split and duplicated multiple times growing until we have what we know today as the universe

Coming back to the law of birth, life and death- the concept of birth is nothing becoming something. Life is that of something that is expanding. Then death is that which is contracting. The scientific understanding of the universe says that we are currently in expansion mode.

This means we are still growing, and regardless of the growing pains the planet is facing, we are still moving and birthing more life.

The interesting jump in consciousness will be when we move into the process of death and retraction. How will this look and feel? One can only speculate, but it is an interesting thought to ponder!

About the author

Luke Miller has been working ceremonially with plants since 2014. After a 13 month soul initiation working with Ayahuasca in the Amazonian jungle, he travelled to India to integrate the experience and learn Yoga and Pranayama techniques - eventually landing in the UK and being initiated into a form of Kemetic (Egyptian) yoga called Smai Tawi (which means union of the lands). Luke has recently completed a 30 day diet with the Yawanawa tribe, learning traditional songs and working with Uni (Ayahuasca) and Hape. Luke now combines this life experience alongside intuitive sound healing to create ceremonial events of cross cultural healing modalities. A unique transcendental experience merging plants, movement and sound healing.

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